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About Us

Why Artevea?

Artevea has come long way since inception in the 1940's as PYE Radio and then subsequently living most of its life as Philips Telecom PMR who pioneered the development of TETRA and was the first to demonstrate a working TETRA system at the ITU Geneva in 1995. Since then the company has primarily focussed on TETRA, launching the first Tetra over IP network and then pioneering the concept of soft switch which then enabled it to offer the true hard central switch free distributed architecture networks.

Artevea meets the highest standards of quality and performance needed  to give the confidence to 1st response agencies around the world. The efficiency of the police, ambulance and the emergency medical teams all depend on their response time during an emergency. A flawless communication system is essential to ensure this. Artevea specializes in setting up and providing mission critical digital radio (TETRA) networks to facilitate quick communication in times of need and on a strategic level. Artevea has delivered networks for the armed forces and law enforcement agencies and is also well equipped with the technology and expertise to ensure quick, uninterrupted and secure calls for public services in commercial sectors, such as oil and gasses, trains, highways, ports and even leisure.

Artevea has always had a simple vision to develop products and services that provide unhindered communication to public and commercial organisations. Artevea gives priority to quality assurance. Attention to detail, rigorous testing and allowing for expansion and improvement are a few mere measures Artevea takes to ensure we meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Artevea has been indispensable in developing and disseminating the TETRA standard. We are proud to have delivered the 1st TETRA network to the 100th newly adopting country in the world.

With some installations running now for over 20 years in the field, Artevea is known for the reliability of its products and unique technologies. We use our T-MATRIX range of TETRA over IP radio products to deliver excellence. This product can either be fixed at a certain location or it could be portable. It’s uniquely built to each customer’s specifications and is flexible, giving room to expansion. Our pioneering technology used in the TETRA over IP system gives further assurance of uninterrupted communication and flexibility over the older central switch model. The non affiliation with a central point through which information has to be transferred, improves the odds against a communication failure, even in a multi-site network. Artevea also offers a host of operational tools such as network management, dispatchers and gateways to provide a more cognitive communication network.

Artevea supplies globally. International customers can rest assure of quality deliverance through stringent management processes. Additionally, we take extra precaution in training our distributors. Every one of our partners are also equipped with the knowledge of installation and maintaining our products. Lastly, we provide round the clock technical assistance to all our clients for ongoing and maintained quality.

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