Form the earliest days of TETRA, Artevea has played an active and key role in assisting the development of the TETRA standard. We are proud of our achievements and the T-MATRIX™ product range. Indeed in 2008 Artevea had the honour of supplying a TETRA network to the 100th Country to adopt TETRA since its definition. Designed initially for public safety and military organisations, TETRA is now used in a wide range of industry sectors in some of the most arduous environments in the world.


With dozens of different TETRA sites set up all around the world Artevea Digital has established itself as a global player in TETRA world. Artevea Digital is dedicated to expand its horizon and already has establishments as far as South America and South East Asia.

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TETRA equipment was originally designed to meet the needs of public safety and military organisations. However, Artevea Digital has taken this knowledge and grown four folds to cater to the growing needs of private businesses such as leisure centres, complex sports arenas, private security companies, air freight services and many more.

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