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TETRA Base Stations


The T-MATRIX™ F is a high capacity, fixed site TETRA over IP (ToIP) communications solution designed to meet the needs of professional organisations requiring a permanently installed Private Mobile Radio system.

Key Features

  • IP backbone provides a full flexibility system without the need of a single switch which is fully compatible with all major TETRA terminal manufacturers
  • Battery backup, redundant TSC ensures reliability and distributed Intelligence ensures no single point of failure
  • Robust construction enables it to operate in temperature ranging from –20°C to +55°C and can tolerate 90 % humidity


T-MATRIX™ P is a compact, cost effective, transportable TETRA over IP communications solution. It provides exceptional value for the small user looking for a simple but feature rich system and it represents a considerable advance on competitor’s products.

It can also be used as a building block to which additional sites and features can be added to construct a larger or more comprehensive system.


Key Features

  • It is reliable and cost effective
  • Option for additional Gateways
  • Quick to deploy as it can be transported in a rugged box as it is compact and can be mounted on vehicles.
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