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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas, Latvia

Ventamonjaks Services Ltd is based at the port of Ventspils, Latvia. One of the largest Baltic Sea Region terminals for handling chemical products Storage Capacity of 54,000 tons, cargo turnover of 1.35 million tons per year, 3 deepwater berths can accommodate vessels of 50000 dwt. The main types of cargo include ammonia, different spirits, methanol, oils, as well as petrochemicals, which can be stored at the company using its vast storage capacities. Mining oil and extraction of natural gases is dangerous and complicated. Such a task would require a lot of precaution and precision. Artevea helps with some of it.

The essential demands of this network were

  • To be provided with a network that is secure communications between office and field based staff
  • To be provided with facilities to communicate with field based staff operating close to storage tanks / flammable materials.
  • To be provided with a field based network that caters to the staff operating a range of vehicles including maintenance vehicles, trains, tankers, taxis and so on.
  • To be provided with a Network Management Terminal with System Configuration Architect
  • To be provided with a System Acceptance and Verification.
  • To be provided with maintenance and support.

How did Artevea achieve this?

A contract was signed for a single Tetra radio site packed into two carriers with Radio Management System (SCA), dispatchers, a gateway and a specially customised set of terminals dedicated to the use of mining, enabling operational communications through the entire storage area. This was done with system engineering and fleet Mapping.

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