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Live Demonstrations

T-MATRIX™ POC & Demonstrations

Artevea T-MATRIX™ P is a compact, cost-effective, transportable TETRA over IP communications solution. It is ideally suited for conducting trials and demonstrations to clients looking for a feature-rich system and it represents a considerable proving point for the Artevea product ranges.

It can also be used as a building block to which additional sites and features can be added to construct a larger network or more comprehensive system. The equipment is typically mounted in a transportable rugged 19” rack of a range of sizes.

Key Features

  • Fully transportable in rugged box
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • Compact, available up to 2 transceivers
  • Option for the addition of Gateways & Management Solutions
  • Quick to deploy
  • Mountable on or in vehicles
  • Suitable for use in disaster conditions, terrorist attacks where speed is vital


Full RF Duplex, supporting full duplex and half duplex speech and data calls.


Up to 2 transceivers per portable site

Channel Spacing

25kHz, 6.25kHz offsets

Available TETRA Frequency Bands

370-400MHz (RX/TX)
410-430MHz (RX/TX)
450-470MHz (RX/TX)
800-870MHz (RX/TX)
Duplex Spacing dependant on Frequency

Dispatcher Demo Lite Power

Up to +44dBm (25W) before combining
Up to +43dBm (20W) at Antenna Output


System configuration is carried out by means of the System Configuration Architect (SCA) application which resides on the NMT. The distributed T-MATRIX™ architecture allows connection of the NMT anywhere within the network without loss of functionality, thus it follows that any T-MATRIX™ Infrastructure element can be addressed and “managed” from any location.

Dispatcher Demo Lite

This is a limited version suitable for demonstration purposes to potential customers.

It consists of the Dispatcher Gateway and Dispatcher Client installed on a laptop PC for portability with a single user login and the required training to manage the solution or staff members can be made available by prior arrangements.

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