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Light Rail

Light Rail, Hong Kong

The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Ordinance transports an average of 314,000 a day approximately from its 68 stops stretched over 36.2 Km of track via their 109 light rail vehicles. This is a massive concern for all operational and security personals. Especially in the face of terrorism, misdemeanours and other casualties they maybe faced with on a daily bases. The train serves new territories and acts as a feeder service for the western rail for longer distance travel.

The essential demands of this network were

  • To be provided with a turn key system providing radio communications for Traffic Controllers, LRV Operators as well as operation and maintenance personnel.
  • To be provided with radio communication from Traffic Controllers to LRV drivers.
  • To be provided with emergency call facilities.
  • To be provided with the ability to broadcast calls.
  • To be provided with a LRV / Route / Run Number mapping & Driver Login/Logout.
  • To be provided with a digital voice quality clarity.
  • To be provided with a data messaging facilities.
  • To be provided with a means to communicate between maintenance teams and vehicles.
  • To be provided with a feeder service for the feeder bus service.

How did Artevea achieve this?

A contract for 5 TETRA Radio Sites customised dispatchers along with support and maintenance was made. Where each site was packed in 3 carriers, 2 of which were equipped with was triple diversity. Voice recording and network monitoring systems were incorporated in the gateway provided. Multiple cell enhancers were accommodated to improve coverage. Lastly Fibre optic rings were used to create interconnection between the base stations. The entire network supported 550 terminals which were also supplied by Artevea.

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