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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement, Ecuador

Even today the streets of Quito are dangerous for undercover cops. Narcotics are flooding in and months of painstaking investigative work are routinely squandered by threatened officials, fearful of their lives. A situation like this warrant’s a reliable radio network to assist the law enforcement officers.

The essential demands of this network were

  • To be provided with an exceptionally efficient radio network.
  • To be provided the facility to connect to analogue and other networks.
  • To be provided with a highly secure network.
  • To be provided with a gateway equipped with a GIS, geographic information system.
  • To be provided with short data service.
  • To be provided with quick call facility

How did Artevea achieve this?

A contract for 13 TETRA Radio sites was made with Artevea. The network needed to be fitted with virtual layers of users and an interconnect facility to make third party and analogue system calls. Voice and data facilities were also made available on the portable sites. This empowered the law enforcement teams to carry out the relentless covert and other dangerous missions with peace of mind.

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