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Highway Project

Statistics show, Turkey is the most dangerous country is terms of number of traffic accidents when compared to other European countries. Cost of traffic accidents account for roughly 2% of the countries Gross national product. However, the unreliability of the data impairs our ability to judge accurately the rate of fatality or its underlying cause. This imposes the importance of an efficient and reliable network to connect the countries law enforcement, first responders and blue light teams to control for such situations. Artevea is present in Turkey enabling such a radio network effectively.

The essential demands of this network were

  • To be provided with an exceptionally efficient radio network.
  • To be provided the facility to connect to analogue and other networks.
  • To be provided with a highly secure network.
  • To be provided with a gateway equipped with a GIS, geographic information system.
  • To be provided with short data service.
  • To be provided with quick call facility
  • To be provided with full duplex and half duplex call services.
  • To be provided with network and area broadcasts.
  • To be provided with dynamic group number allocation.

How did Artevea achieve this?

A contract for 7 TETRA Radio sites packed in multiple carriers was made with Artevea.

Artevea connected the network via IP microwaves and landline backbone, provided a gateway equipped with ATLaS, the system software for terminal tracking, network management terminal, telephone and short data. Fixed mobiles, mobiles and portables with GPS were also provided to ensure public safety, monitoring traffic, maintenance and construction activity undertaken by the Turkish government.

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