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Lagos Airport project

Murtala Muhammed International Airport’s (MMIA) domestic operations were relocated to the old Lagos domestic terminal in 2000 after a fire. A new domestic privately funded terminal known as MMA2 has been constructed. It became essential to secure this newly built space and to protect it from fire, storm, other natural calamities, terrorists and the passengers themselves. A secure and well connected network for quick networking of the airport staff to ensure safety was fundamental.

To maintain the seamlessly crisp splendour, Macau needed an intrinsic communication network.

The essential demands of this network were

  • To be provided assurance in the presence of limited resource, security, managerial and operational personals available at the airport.
  • To be provided reliable and clear airport wide voice communications.
  • To be provided instant individual and group calls.
  • To be provided multiple user groups.
  • To be provided emergency call capability.
  • To be provided high reliability in the security features of the network.
  • To be provided support for multiple users across same network
  • To be provided comprehensive training

How did Artevea achieve this?

A contract for 9 TETRA Radio Sites to serve 100 terminals with the expectation that there would be a need for the terminals to grow to 1000 terminals was made. The Base stations were installed to help setup the network with the help of Link systems to ascertain quality service. A telephone gateway was provided to allow voice communication. Similarly a Data gateway was provided for communication with external networks. A migration gateway to communicate with the existing analogue networks was also provided. A Dispatcher terminal was provided to monitor and control communication within all tetra users.

Artevea optimised system capacity, ensured coverage in high density spaces, tunnels and basements. Diversity was ensured to allow working of other and analogue networks. Factory Acceptance Tests was conducted to assure full functionality of the terminals. Lastly, Artevea trains its clients to facilitate maintenance of the network.

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